870 Carbon Cartridges

870 Economic Carbon Block Cartridge

870 Premier Carbon Block Cartridge

870 Standard Carbon Block Cartridge



Aqualyze Double Plastic Housing System

Aqualyze Housing Accessories

Aqualyze Plastic Housings

Aqualyze Single Plastic Housing

Aqualyze Single Plastic Housing System

Aqualyze Triple Plastic Housing System

Axeon RO Membranes

Bag Filter Housings



Bubble Point

Carbon Cartridges

Cartridge Filter Housings

Chlorine & Organics Removal

Cotton Wound Cartridges

Coupler/Drilled Ports

CP2 Cartridges


Deionsing Cartridge

Depth filter cartridges

DI Resin

Empty Cartridge Shells

EWS Cartridge System

Filter Bags

Filter Cartridges

FS+ & FS- sleeves

GE Hytrex II

GE Purtrex

GE RO Save

GE Z Plex Absolute

Glass Fibre Wound Cartridges

Heavy Metal Removal

Hydranautics Membranes

Inline 870 Cartridges

Inox Bag Housing Spares & Accessories

Inox Economic Cylindrical mesh cartridge

Inox Economic Single Filter Housing

Inox Multi Round Spares

Inox Premier pleated cartridge with backfush support

Inox Premier Single Filter Housing

Inox Sanitary Filter Housings

Inox Sanitary Housing Spares

Inox Single Filter Housing Spares

Inox Stainless Steel Bag Housing

Inox Standard pleated Stainless Steel cartridge

Inox Standard Single Filter Housing

Iron Removal Cartridge

Medical Shower & Taps

Membrane Housings

Multi Round Inox Filter Housings

Nitrate Removal Cartridge


Oil removal Cartridge

OilOut-99 Oil removal cartridge

PBH Filter Bags

PBH Filter Bags for PBH Housings

Pentair 10" Housings

Pentair 20" Housings

Pentair BBF

Pentair Big Blue Housings

Pentair C2 & C1

Pentair Carbon Block Cartridges

Pentair Carbon Wrap Cartridges

Pentair CBC

Pentair Chlorplus

Pentair CRFC

Pentair EP/EPM Carbon Block

Pentair Fibredyne

Pentair GAC

Pentair Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges

Pentair High Temperature

Pentair Housing Accessories/Spares

Pentair LP-Series

Pentair Medical Accessories

Pentair Medical Shower & Tap Filters

Pentair Medical Shower Filters

Pentair Medical Tap Filters

Pentair NCP

Pentair PBH Bag Housing

Pentair PBH Bag Housing Spares & Accessories

Pentair PCC scale inhibiting cartridge

Pentair PCF

Pentair Plastic Housings

Pentair PRDI (Colour Changing)

Pentair PRF RO System

Pentair Pure Water Range

Pentair RFC

Pentair RFFE Iron Removal cartridge

Pentair RWSSC5

Pentair Slimline Housings

Pentair SRCA pH correction cartridge

Pentair SRDI

Pentair SRHM Heavy Metal Removal cartridge

Pentair SRNI Nitrate removal cartridge

Pentair SRSO water softening cartridge

Pentair WS water softening cartridge

pH Correction

Plastic Bag Housings

Pleat 2

Pleated filter cartridges

Point of Use Systems

Polypropylene Wound Cartridges

Premier Pleat Air Vent

Premier Pleat Depth Polypropylene

Premier Pleat Glass Fibre

Premier Pleat High Flow

Premier Pleat High Flow Housings

Premier Pleat High Flow Housings

Premier Pleat Polyethersulfone

Premier Pleat Polypropylene

Premier Pleat PTFE

Premier Pleat RinseCap Polyethersulfone

Premier Pressure Vessels

Pressure Accessories

Probond Cartridges

PTL Twist Lock System

Purolite General Grade Resin

Purolite Nuclear Grade Resin

PWS Duplex System


Resin Pressure Vessels

Reusable Plastic mesh cartridges

Reverse Osmosis

RO Membranes

RO Systems

Scale Inhibiting Cartridge

SCG-C Resin



Spectrum Aqua RO50-System

Spectrum Economic Filter Bag

Spectrum Filter Bags

Spectrum Housing Accessories & Spares

Spectrum Membrane RO Housings

Spectrum Membranes

Spectrum Point of use systems and cartridges

Spectrum Premier Filter Bag

Spectrum RO Systems

Spectrum Sabre UV Systems

Spectrum Standard Filter Bag

Spectrum Water Softener accessories

Spectrum Water Softeners

SRDI Resin

SRHM Resin

SRSO Resin

Stainless Steel Bag Housing

Stainless Steel filter cartridges

Stainless Steel Filter Housings

Standard Pressure Vessels

SWS Cabinet System

SWS Simplex System

SWT Simplex System

Transparent Clear Empty Cartridge Shell cartridge

TruDepth Antimicrobial Spun

TruDepth Economic

TruDepth High Efficiency

TruDepth Nylon

TruDepth Premier

TruDepth Standard

Twist-Lock POU RO Systems


UV Systems

UV Systems & Accessories

Water Softeners

Water Softening

Water Softening Cartridge

Water Treatment Cartridges

White Empty Cartridge Shell cartridge

Window Wash RO

Window Wash RO

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